21 Day Challenge, starting soon!

I’m leading a 21 day health & fitness challenge – starting 8/29/11

I picked 21 days for the length because that’s the amount of time it takes to form new habits (or break old ones).The challenge I created will be a group of people who commit to 21 days of working out, eating healthier – and keeping a food diary, replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology (Have you heard of Shakeology before? Soooo good and ridiculously healthy, email me at fithappy@yahoo.com and I’ll send you info if you want to know more!). And on top of committing to it all, each participant will send me their food diary and exercise log every morning for the day prior. I’ll check them out and return any comments or suggestions I may have for improvements or motivation, etc. 
We’ll also have a group page on FB where all participants can chat throughout and keep the accountability high – and I’ll be on the page every day checking in and answering questions and providing suggestions.
Finally, the best part – everyone will send me their weight and waist measurements at the beginning…along with a “before” photo. They will be confidential, no one will see them unless the participant WANTS to share with other participants. Every few days I’ll send an email with tips, motivation, ideas, whatever may help. And every 7 days everyone will send in current weight & waist measurements. At the end of 21 days- final reporting of weight and waist and an “after” photo…and new habits will have been formed; most people will have lost weight and inches…and whoever lost the most PERCENTAGE of weight will win a prize— your choice of Hip Hop Abs Extreme DVD OR Turbo Fire Greatest HIITS DVD. 
So exciting! This type of challenge is very successful for those who commit to it – getting a boost through a plateau, forming those new habits, and seeing success is a great motivator to continue those good habits.
If you’re interested, let me know! The Shakeology can be bought right through my retail site and it comes in several options. It comes in a bag which is actually 30 servings, or a box of packets which is 24 servings. It’s about $4/serving (which of course is likely cheaper than whatever meal you’re replacing it with or a Starbucks!) You’d only need 21 for the challenge, but the shake is SO good and so ridiculously healthy, most people don’t mind having a few left over to use afterward. I drink it every single day for breakfast because I love it SO much and I’ve had such great success with it. Best part, it has a bottom of the bag guarantee, so if you don’t love it, they’ll refund your money even if you used it all pastedGraphic.pdf
As for the workout commitment, I recommend a program, simply because of the structure and motivation it can bring to the table, but if there’s something else you prefer (I.E. running, walking) that will work too, it just may be harder for you to really push yourself for the best results.
Sorry for the longness of this post, it’s just a lot to explain  Let me know if you want in. We’re starting on 8/29, so order your Shakeology today or tomorrow so you get it in time! I also recommend selecting the ‘auto ship’ option when checking out. It makes the shipping free and if you don’t want to continue using it after the first bag, you can just cancel the auto ship. You can order here:  Order Shakeology

Excited to get started! 

~To your health~

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