Learn to Love it {Weekend Workouts}

I know a lot of people like taking weekends as their rest days. I hear you. Really, I understand. 

But consider this:

If you work during the week and having weekends off of work, what better time to really kill a few workouts? I don’t know about you, but my workouts during the week tend to sort of suck more days than I’d like to admit. I do them after work (because as much as I may try, I just CANNOT do it in the mornings; when I do, I have no energy so I get a crappy workout in). So after work, I have more energy than in the morning, BUT some days that doesn’t work out either. You know those days, where your workday just drained it all out of you. So I push myself when I get home and work out. Sometimes it may only be a 20 minute workout because it’s all I can muster (though I DO feel better and less tired and stressed afterward)… I also end up taking an unplanned rest day during the week a lot – especially on nights when I’m home late from work.

So you see, if you’re like me and your weekends are pretty open, that may give you a wonderful opportunity to really get a couple of great workouts in. You can take your time getting hyped and hydrated for it. You can do cardio + weights instead of just one or the other like during the week when time is of the essence. Or an hour of cardio instead of 30 minutes, or whatever. And even better, if you do you weekend workout before heading out for the day, you’ll feel better, accomplished, and energetic the rest of the day. And since I know I do more than normal on weekends, I feel less guilty when I take a rest day or two during the week.

In my book, that’s some great reasons to love weekend workouts.

Do you use your weekends to catch up on workouts? Do you love it, or do you just do it out of necessity?

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