The Real Perfect 10 – A guest blog post you don’t want to miss!

This is a special guest post by Ashley Korff, contact information below. Thank you Ashley, for sharing your story of being overweight as a child and how you changed your life. Friends, please read her story, it’s about overcoming and really, about the things we all need to know to live healthy lives. But it’s an invaluable tool to help us help the young people around us to learn the same important rules to stay healthy. Don’t forget to check out the information for her book, below!

The Real Perfect 10 

Losing weight is never easy, but staying motivated & dedicated afterward is not an easy task, either. Kids and teens rarely eat healthy-but more and more are becoming overweight every day. I was an overweight kid for almost a decade, wearing women’s sizes by third grade. Finally, in eighth grade, I changed my life completely by losing 50 pounds on my own-no diet pills, no surgery, no doctor telling me what to eat-simply out of my own determination to be thin and fit. But it became so much more than that-it became about becoming a new person. I still work out every day and eat 100% healthy-I haven’t skipped a workout or ate junk food or sweets in five years and running. As a junior in high school, I wrote my book to reach out to other teens to get healthy not just to lose weight but for life. This isn’t about being skinny. This is about transforming your mindset and your life forever. I’ve never looked back. I want to combat obesity by sharing my experience with others and hopefully inspire others to follow my lead-at whatever age. I ended up doing a local book signing, being featured in my local paper, & most importantly was a guest speaker at my local middle school to the PE classes. Going back to the school to speak to the very age group I began my new life was incredible. I never imagined I would come this far-I hope you will do the same. I still continue to help others and share my story via social media and blogging, and will become a Beachbody Coach in the near future. Stay motivated & determined and see how far you can go!




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