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Flat Belly Challenge with yours truly!

So here’s my story, in a nutshell…and why I’m doing a challenge… {{Please note, I run a challenge like this EVERY month, so even if this post looks old, it’s still relevant!}}

I haven’t had kids (by choice!) But…as I got a little older, I was slowly gaining pounds. (why can’t we all stay 25?!) To say the least, I wasn’t crazy about gaining 2 pants sizes. Hey I know that’s not a lot, but it was enough to notice. I admitted early that I needed to do something. When I committed to making a change I went all in & haven’t looked back. FItness is part of my daily life now and I am so passionate about it that I always look for ways to pay it forward.

So now I’m looking for some ladies to make THEIR change WITH me. If you have been thinking about it, wanting and wishing you could really change, now’s the time to step up! I’ll be working closely with this group, daily. We’ll be serious about accountability & fitness and I’ll share TONS of tips & ideas, meal planning & motivation.

I am only taking 5 ladies so let me know NOW! I lost 2 sizes & am FITTER than I was when I was 25 and I know I can guide you to do the same. Your only role right now — COMMIT. Once you commit, I’ll help you do the rest!

So. Are you in? Comment below — or email me ( if you want to know more about the details…!!! I can’t wait,  y’all!

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What to do AFTER your workout

So, most of us probably already consider what to do BEFORE our workout. You probably drink plenty of water, eat an hour or so beforehand, and you probably even warm up for a few minutes before your workout. And then you get your workout in, you give it all you have (right??!) and then what? Do you hit the shower and then go on about your day?

Wait a second!

Try adding in some post-workout rituals to see even more success.

First, make sure you cool down. Alllll the way down. If your heart rate is still up, even a little, keep doing some light work until your heart rate is just about normal. This will help prevent injury, dizziness, and even help that metabolism to keep humming a little while longer.

Second, stretch! Don’t skip this part, please! Keep yourself limber and you’ll feel better, walk taller, and also help prevent injury. Long, lean muscles don’t hurt either, right? Stretch deeply, and hold each stretch for around 30 seconds. Stretch a variety of muscles, even those you don’t think you ‘worked out’. While you’re still a little warm (after cooling down, your muscles are still warm…but definitely stretch BEFORE you hit the showers, before you sit down for a few minutes, etc.)

And finally, make sure you refuel. Your body needs protein to repair the damage you just did. And yes, you did damage your muscles a little…that’s how you build muscle, by breaking it down and rebuilding. So rebuild! Grab a high quality protein shake or a little lean protein such as a 3 bean salad, some skinless chicken breast on a salad, etc. Drink more water, too!

So be kind to yourself, recover correctly after your workout, it’ll only take a few more minutes and I think you’ll like how you feel!

What are your post-workout rituals like?



Rest days. To rest, or not to rest?

Sometimes we can get so gung-ho about our new routines that it’s actually hard to take a rest day. Here’s the skinny, as I see it…

Yes, you need rest days. Especially after strength training. To build muscle, you actually do NEED that recover time afterward. No kidding. So if you do strength training for your lower body on Monday, you should not do strength training on your lower body again until about Thursday preferably. Now, there’s no need to completely take those next couple of days completely off. You could do resistance training for your upper body one day. You could do cardio, HIIT, or even yoga or a swim. It should be noted, these rest days after strength training are unnecessary if you are not using weights that are heavy enough. If you do your resistance training and weren’t struggling to get those last few reps out, your weights are TOO light for building muscle. In this case, you wouldn’t really need to rest those muscles the next couple of days – because they weren’t broken down.

So the secondary lesson for the day. If you want to build muscle (and you SHOULD! That’s what increases metabolism and makes you stronger and fitter), you need to use weights that are heavy enough. It should be pretty difficult to get the last few reps out. If you do 12 bicep curls, and you feel like you could keep going, pick a heavier weight for your next set. Trust me, you’ll be sore if you do it right, and that’s exactly what you want if you’re trying to build that lean muscle!!

So get those weights (or bands) and get after it. Work it HARD and then take your rest day to recover and build that muscle. You’ll be so glad you did!

~To your health~

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