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Flat Belly Challenge with yours truly!

So here’s my story, in a nutshell…and why I’m doing a challenge… {{Please note, I run a challenge like this EVERY month, so even if this post looks old, it’s still relevant!}}

I haven’t had kids (by choice!) But…as I got a little older, I was slowly gaining pounds. (why can’t we all stay 25?!) To say the least, I wasn’t crazy about gaining 2 pants sizes. Hey I know that’s not a lot, but it was enough to notice. I admitted early that I needed to do something. When I committed to making a change I went all in & haven’t looked back. FItness is part of my daily life now and I am so passionate about it that I always look for ways to pay it forward.

So now I’m looking for some ladies to make THEIR change WITH me. If you have been thinking about it, wanting and wishing you could really change, now’s the time to step up! I’ll be working closely with this group, daily. We’ll be serious about accountability & fitness and I’ll share TONS of tips & ideas, meal planning & motivation.

I am only taking 5 ladies so let me know NOW! I lost 2 sizes & am FITTER than I was when I was 25 and I know I can guide you to do the same. Your only role right now — COMMIT. Once you commit, I’ll help you do the rest!

So. Are you in? Comment below — or email me ( if you want to know more about the details…!!! I can’t wait,  y’all!

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Insanity workout & my craziness

Holy cow!

I can’t believe I’m doing it, but somehow I am, and I LOVE IT. Insanity is ca-razy. But for some reason I’ve been looking forward to it every day. What is wrong with me??

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Insanity workout is pretty much the hardest workout every put on video. It’s no joke. It’s a lot of cardio, but also plyometrics and strength training. It’s basically the best of all worlds. And seriously, I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks and I can see my legs changing shape. That’s a huge motivator for me! That’s exactly why people love it, it’s such fast results & such beautiful ones… 🙂

But it’s not easy! Here’s a pic of my and my SWEAT during the first break. (yes, a break, not the END!)


I’ll definitely be posting pics of progress at the 30 day mark, so stay tuned!! I’m VERY excited to show you!

If you want to check out the workout, go to my site: It’ll tell you all about the different workouts. And you can buy it right then & there, too! Don’t forget, there’s a money back guarantee, so if you’re interested in giving it a go and seeing these CRAZY quick changes, you have nothing to lose! Aaaand, I’ll be your coach if you order, so let me know if you do & I’ll add you to a private accountability group to keep you focused!

Ever tried a workout that you thought you couldn’t do? What was it?

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The Insanity of Insanity

So, I did it, I tried Insanity a couple of days ago. Here’s how it went. First, I was excited. I knew it was hard. A friend lent me his set because he wasn’t using them. So I went home after work, quickly changed, got some water and jumped right in. The warm up was good, the first few minutes I was feeling encouraged. Then about 10 minutes in, sweat was pouring off of me. I was beginning to wonder if I’d be able to do all 45 minutes. I will admit, it was HARD, but sort of fun in a sick way. Felt like drills, like football camp or something. And all that jumping and whatnot was certainly more interesting than going for a walk, or doing some random bicep curls.

So about 12 minutes in, I was considering stopping. Then Shaun T. says (while he’s out of breath) “Alright guys, we’re almost there, almost done with the warm up”.


The warm up? I’m warmed up and dying here. Literally sweat dripping on my floor and already considering cooling down and quitting. And this was the warm up? Fear came next. But quickly I overcame it. Yes, of course I can do this. I’m fit. I’m used to running. I KILL Turbo Fire and sweat like a mug doing that too. And I even show off while doing Physique 57 and P90X occasionally. I CAN do this. So I reset, got after it, and let Shaun T. lead me through an amazing workout. Until I finally quit at 30 minutes. So yes, I’m not afraid to admit it, I only did 30 out of 45 minutes. It WAS hard. Holy cow. I swore it off. Said it was stupid. My calves are sore today. (2 days later!) But you know what’s weird, I put it on my schedule to do it tomorrow. Love pushing myself and doing something that seems impossible. Mainly because nothing is impossible.

Call me crazy. Or Insane. (ity).

~To your health~

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