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How to get fueled for your workout ## GIVEAWAY ##

So, you’ve probably had days where your workout felt awesome…you had plenty of energy and you felt great. And then there’s those days where you can’t hardly do it at all. And you’re completely exhausted before you should be. Maybe your muscles aren’t even feeling as strong as you know there are.

So what gives?

Well, sometimes we have off days. But most of the time, it’s an issue with water or nutrition. First, make sure you’ve eaten enough. But don’t work out right after eating. Let it digest some first! Working out on an empty stomach is okay for some people, but most of us need some fuel to really feel good. Water is of course VERY important, too. Drink water all day, every day. Cut out soda, diet soda, juices, etc. If you’re properly hydrated, that will help your energy level and your body’s ability to exercise.

Protein is very important as fuel for your workouts. Protein-rich foods are important, but a quick, liquid form of protein is even better because your muscles can use it much more efficiently and quickly. A protein shake is fine, but check the calories, sugar, and other ingredients. Then there’s other protein supplements, like gels and shots. I recently discovered a protein shot called FrogFuel. FrogFuel is hydrolyzed which means super fast absorption which means better performance and quicker recovery. It’s a collagen protein which is also wonderful for your hair, skin, nails, joints, and muscle tone. And of course, since it’s a shot, it’s extremely portable, and much easier than making a shake. My favorite part – there’s no sugar, carbs, gluten, or banned substances. Yay!!!

So. Having said all that…I’m bringing you a FrogFuel GIVEAWAY. Woo hoo, giveaways are always fun. One lucky reader will win 3 FrogFuel Protein Shots (1oz each) and 1 Elite Statue FrogFuel sticker.

Here’s what to do:

Go take the FrogFuel quiz with their app, and then scroll further down in this post on how to enter the giveaway.

Take the quiz here (make sure you take note of your result, you’ll need it for the giveaway!)

Here’s a screen shot of what the quiz will look like:

FrogFuel Blog App

Okay NOW.

Here’s the giveaway –

1) Mandatory entry: comment below with the results from your quiz

2) Bonus entry: “friend” me on Facebook ( and then comment HERE again, telling me you’ve friended me, include your facebook name so I can find you. If you’re already my friend on Facebook, just comment here and let me know that too.

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4) Bonus entry: SHARE this post by using the buttons below – then, you guessed it, comment again letting me know you did this.

So altogether, you have 4 entries available! Make sure you comment for each one…each COMMENT will be used as your entries.

The giveaway will start NOW and you can enter until 6/22/13. Then I’ll pick a random winner (blindly!) and the winner will get a prize pack from FrogFuel in the mail.

Okay, ready, go! (And share with your friends!)

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What to do AFTER your workout

So, most of us probably already consider what to do BEFORE our workout. You probably drink plenty of water, eat an hour or so beforehand, and you probably even warm up for a few minutes before your workout. And then you get your workout in, you give it all you have (right??!) and then what? Do you hit the shower and then go on about your day?

Wait a second!

Try adding in some post-workout rituals to see even more success.

First, make sure you cool down. Alllll the way down. If your heart rate is still up, even a little, keep doing some light work until your heart rate is just about normal. This will help prevent injury, dizziness, and even help that metabolism to keep humming a little while longer.

Second, stretch! Don’t skip this part, please! Keep yourself limber and you’ll feel better, walk taller, and also help prevent injury. Long, lean muscles don’t hurt either, right? Stretch deeply, and hold each stretch for around 30 seconds. Stretch a variety of muscles, even those you don’t think you ‘worked out’. While you’re still a little warm (after cooling down, your muscles are still warm…but definitely stretch BEFORE you hit the showers, before you sit down for a few minutes, etc.)

And finally, make sure you refuel. Your body needs protein to repair the damage you just did. And yes, you did damage your muscles a little…that’s how you build muscle, by breaking it down and rebuilding. So rebuild! Grab a high quality protein shake or a little lean protein such as a 3 bean salad, some skinless chicken breast on a salad, etc. Drink more water, too!

So be kind to yourself, recover correctly after your workout, it’ll only take a few more minutes and I think you’ll like how you feel!

What are your post-workout rituals like?