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Do you ever wonder… HOW some people LOVE their workouts??

Okay, you know what I’m talking about, right? You power through your workouts, but you dread it. Half the time you’re thinking of reasons to skip it. It’s a chore. So how come some people you see or know seem to LOVE working out? They’re crazy, right?

Well, maybe.

But that’s beside the point.

There’s a secret to loving your workout. Do you want to know it? It’s all about your MINDSET. Yep. That’s it. Of course, finding a workout that is fun to you is important, too. That’s the best workout! But first and foremost you must re-teach your brain (and body) that working out is your drug. It’s what will make you feel amazing. Remind yourself of those endorphins you feel after a good workout. Think about the results you’ve seen…or that you know you WILL see if you stick to your workouts (and healthy eating). Visualize having fun, and visualize the results you want to see (or feel!). You can absolutely do this!

Here are some tips to re-train your brain:

  • Start by smiling. Smile before your workout. It’ll make your brain think you’re happy.
  • Now, think about the reasons you’re getting fit. Is it for your health? For your family? To set a good example for your kids? To fit into your old jeans? Repeat your reasons out loud to yourself 3 times each. Write those reasons down and post them everywhere!
  • Good! Now here’s the hard part. Any and every time you think of skipping your workout, or you find yourself dreading your workout, remind yourself — “This is NOT punishment”. Your workouts should never be about punishing yourself. They’re about giving yourself what you deserve.  You deserve that time out of your day. You deserve the stress relief.  You deserve to have fun, feel great, and have a better day. And the RIGHT workout will do all that for you…if you let it. Keep reminding yourself. In fact, change your screensaver on your computer to something that reminds you of this. Repeat it 5 times every morning and before your workouts.

Before too long, your brain will realize your workouts are a GOOD thing. Something that’s FOR you. Not just something you have to do.

I mentioned that the right workout is key. This is very true. The best workout is one that you enjoy. For a while, I ran. I started running because my friends did, and I knew it was a good calorie burner. And for a while, it was enjoyable for me, I looked forward to it. (after the growing pains of the first month or so!). But at some point I started trying other workouts and found myself really, REALLY enjoying those. Even looking forward to them for real. And I was dreading running. I listened to my body and realize that this was because the other workouts were just more fun. Embrace what’s fun. If running is fun for you, then GO FOR IT! If it’s not, then don’t force yourself. But don’t give up, either. Instead, try other workouts. Check out a yoga or Zumba class. Try Insanity, Turbo Fire, P90X or Chalean Extreme. Personally, I found the intensity of Insanity way more engaging than most workouts. I felt like a BEAST after every workout; like I’d climbed Mount Everest. And I keep going back to Turbo Fire because there’s a huge variety in the choreography from workout to workout AND the music is actually GOOD. Imagine that!

So you see, you have control over whether or not you’ll love your workouts. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every day is like nirvana. Of course, we alllll have days we just don’t feel like working out. But. Once you’ve found that soulmate workout, you’ll have less of those days. Oh. And on those days, do yourself a favor, just START your workout. Give it 5 minutes. I almost can guarantee you that after 5 minutes you’ll be into it. It’s worth a shot, right?

So. Tell us, why do you want to love your workouts? Why do you want to be healthy?


If you’re looking for more information on the top-rated workouts out there, I am a Beachbody coach & I’d be happy to help you find your soulmate workout! email me at or you can read up on the programs at:

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How hard should I work out?

I hear that a lot.

And totally get it. There’s SO much confusion about how often we should work out, what types of workouts to do, when to work out, and how hard to push yourself.

So here’s a good way to determine if you’re working hard enough….

A. Ask yourself if you FEEL like you’re challenging yourself. This goes for cardio workouts AND resistance/strength training. Many times just paying attention to yourself raises your awareness and you’ll know immediately that you could work harder.

B. For strength training, your goal should be to reach failure for each muscle group you’re working. If your finish your set – or your entire workout and your muscles feel like you could have done a few more, you didn’t work hard enough. Lift heavier next time, lift more slowly. Concentrate. Fatigue those muscles! You do want to build muscle. It’s what makes you look strong, healthy, and it raises your metabolism, keeping you burning calories and fat allll day long. Can’t beat that!

C. For cardio, you should be pushing yourself past your ‘comfort zone’…BUT you should still be able to hold a conversation (albeit a short conversation with short sentences!). And if you’re doing HIIT training once in a while (you ARE doing HIIT training some, right??!) then you should only be able to spit out one-word replies during the HIIT portion…but remember, those high intensity segments are short-lived and followed by a recovery. That’s the beauty of these short workouts, you really kill it and your reward is a shorter workout and wonderful fat-burning results.

If you want results like this:


Then start working like that!

I know that doesn’t seem like much direction, but that’s exactly how to know if you’re working hard enough. It’s that simple. I hope it helps! Do you feel like you push enough yourself during your workouts? If so, how do you keep yourself pushing?


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Sneak a workout in by playing outside

Sometimes we forget…a workout can be more than a structured event. This weekend was absolutely beautiful and perfect. So my hubby, my pooch and I went out on a little adventure to Pocahontas State Park. We went on a hike around a serene lake and it was lovely. I was quickly too hot, but dealt with it. There was even this lovely boardwalk. It was an unexpected break from the terrain 🙂


My hubby’s a little crazy, so anytime we came upon a hill, he ran up it…with the dog. Poor Sari was exhausted after about a mile and a half. After 3 miles, she was ready to be carried….she’s spoiled, but look how adorable she is!

So. Being out there was wonderful, and didn’t feel like work (most of the time). Yet we were sweaty and my legs were sore late. So that reminded me that fun stuff like that is really like a workout. I still managed to get another workout in at home later of course. But I wanted to take this reminder to you….as the weather warms up, have fun out there and sneak in a little workout by doing it!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

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Day 60 of Chalean Extreme

Alright, so yesterday was day 60 of my adventure with Chalean Extreme….so of course I took some progress photos. There’s one more month of the program left and based on the results so far, I’d say I will be PRETTY dang excited to see what day 90 will look like.

I’ve really enjoyed this program. I always feel like I’m working hard, and the videos aren’t too long, so that’s a big plus for me. And of course Chalene is always inspiring and makes the time fly! I wasn’t too sure about the program, I had it sitting around for months before I cracked it open. I just wasn’t sure I “only wanted to lift weights”. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised in finding that it’s not really like that. There’s a few days a week of weights, but it’s more creative than the old school weight lifting. And then the other days you’re doing cardio intervals which makes ya SWEAT & as always, even the cardio workouts are fun and interesting. And, well, I’m very happy with the changes I’m seeing in my body.

So without further ado, here’s some before and afters for you. I’ll be sure to update with the ‘final’ after photo next month! 🙂 (Sorry I don’t have a picture of my ‘before’ in the exact same pose/clothes, but you can totally get the idea from this before photo)

Before (5’7″, 142lbs, no muscle)

30 days in – 130lbs, a little muscle!

60 day progress – 130lbs including more muscle

So what do you think? Even though it’s only really about 10 pounds lost, the difference is noticeable because of the body fat change. Cool, huh?

Don’t forget, you can always try beachbody workouts risk-free, they have a money back guarantee. If you want to give Chalean Extreme a try, I’ll be your personal coach – to help you with the workouts, questions, even nutrition & motivation. You can order right through my webstore & you’ll get some bonuses that way too 🙂 You can read more about the individual workouts or order right here: & I’m always available if you have questions or want to chat, email me!

Would love to know your success story, post it below!

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What to do AFTER your workout

So, most of us probably already consider what to do BEFORE our workout. You probably drink plenty of water, eat an hour or so beforehand, and you probably even warm up for a few minutes before your workout. And then you get your workout in, you give it all you have (right??!) and then what? Do you hit the shower and then go on about your day?

Wait a second!

Try adding in some post-workout rituals to see even more success.

First, make sure you cool down. Alllll the way down. If your heart rate is still up, even a little, keep doing some light work until your heart rate is just about normal. This will help prevent injury, dizziness, and even help that metabolism to keep humming a little while longer.

Second, stretch! Don’t skip this part, please! Keep yourself limber and you’ll feel better, walk taller, and also help prevent injury. Long, lean muscles don’t hurt either, right? Stretch deeply, and hold each stretch for around 30 seconds. Stretch a variety of muscles, even those you don’t think you ‘worked out’. While you’re still a little warm (after cooling down, your muscles are still warm…but definitely stretch BEFORE you hit the showers, before you sit down for a few minutes, etc.)

And finally, make sure you refuel. Your body needs protein to repair the damage you just did. And yes, you did damage your muscles a little…that’s how you build muscle, by breaking it down and rebuilding. So rebuild! Grab a high quality protein shake or a little lean protein such as a 3 bean salad, some skinless chicken breast on a salad, etc. Drink more water, too!

So be kind to yourself, recover correctly after your workout, it’ll only take a few more minutes and I think you’ll like how you feel!

What are your post-workout rituals like?



No time to workout?

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find 30 minutes or an hour every day to workout, I know! If this is you, just try breaking it up instead! Go for a 15 minute walk in the morning. Make it brisk, make it count, don’t just stroll.  And then in the afternoon or evening, get a 15 minute workout in in your living room. If you have a great workout program, use it, even if you have to just do half of a DVD to make it only 15 minutes. If you just want to kind of wing it for a while, make yourself a circuit that’ll last 15 minutes. Try something like this:

  • 2 minutes warm up, jumping rope in place
  • 1 minute push ups, go to your knees if you can’t do 1 full minute on your toes.
  • 1 minute squats. Remember to keep your knees behind your toes and your weight in your heels. Really SQUEEZE on your way up. If you need to make it more difficult, hold some hand weights.
  • 1 minute jumping rope in place. No need for a real rope!
  • 1 minute bicep curls. 30 seconds ‘regular’ and 30 seconds ‘hammer’ curls
  • 1 minute walking lunges. Get that back knee LOW & really push up through your front heel on the way up.
  • 1 minute jumping rope
  • 1 minute plank, up on your hands and toes if you can. If not, drop down to your forearms and toes if need be. Make sure your back is flat & your booty is in alignment with your back. 
  • 1 minute calf raises. Definitely hold some hand weights & really focus on the squeeze on the way up.
  • 1 minute jumping rope
  • 1 minute lateral raise – use either light hand weights or a resistance band
  • 1 minute sumo squat
  • 2 minutes jumping rope
  • STRETCH the muscles you just worked. DON’T skip this step!!

This kind of circuit will get you a  nice workout in 15 minutes but you have to really focus on the movements. Make it hard. If you’re not shaking after each exercise, you need more weight in your hands!

And remember, these shorter workouts are meant only for days where you truly do not have time for a nice, good thorough workout. On days you can get more in, it’s more effective to do it all at once. But breaking it up like this is better than having no workout in at all!

I’m happy to help with personalized programs – or explanations of the above, just shoot me an email or comment below.

Ready? Now go get your workout in! 🙂
If you’ve been doing things like this, but it’s not challenging anymore, it’s probably time for a more advanced workout. Give me a shout and I’ll help you pick a program that’s perfect for you & get you more results!

~To Your Health~

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Work it!

So, I keep seeing and hearing things that concern me a little…about viewpoints on fitness and how to lose weight.

Yes, it’s true that if you move more, and eat less, you will lose weight. (Calories in versus calories out IS the reason you lose or gain weight, afterall). But what I’m worried about is that this mindset allows us a mentality of ‘bare minimum’. And of course, for some, that’s fine. But shouldn’t we strive for greatness? Not just in health and fitness, but in life? If you were looking for a job and you really thought you deserved a salary of $50,000 – and you went to the first place and they offered you $25,000. Would you accept it because “it’s better than nothing”? Or would you fight for what you deserved?

To me, it’s the same with health and fitness. So maybe going for a 1 mile walk every other day is enough to help you drop a few pounds. Well that’s great! And it’s a wonderful start. But are you content to ‘drop a few pounds?’ Or would you love to get into great shape? Would you love to raise your metabolism, feel great every day, increase energy and get to your ideal weight and muscle tone? Maybe it sounds impossible. I’m here to tell you it’s not. But it does take more than the occasional stroll. You don’t have to workout for hours every day though, either. It’s all about choices. Set your goals. Make them big, that’s the best part of life, sometimes.

As always, I’m happy to help – if you want help identifying goals; or would like help reaching them, please reach out to me. I help folks just like you with motivation, direction, accountability and diet & workout advice. You can sign up for free to have me as your fitness coach. Just go to and click “join”. Select the free option (unless you read through and prefer the paid option benefits!)

Remember, it’s all about YOU when it comes to health and fitness. Decide what you REALLY want…I’ll help you get there if you’re ready!

~To your health~

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What’s your motivation?

Sometimes you may not feel like getting your workout in. Or maybe you don’t feel like eating healthy anymore. When these times come, it’s important to remember your motivation.

Do you want to be healthy for your kids?

Do you want to be healthy so you feel better?

Do you want to be healthy so you’re around for your friends?

Do you want to like what you see when you look in the mirror?

Maybe fit back into some old clothes?

Perhaps it’s just because you want to be a motivator for others?

Determine your motivation. Write it down. Put it everywhere. Make it your screen saver on  your computer. Put it on your wallpaper on your phone. Put a post it note on your steering wheel. Remind yourself always about your WHY.

And while we’re all allowed those days where we just don’t feel like it, make sure it’s not happening all the time. If it is, reset yourself. Reingage. Jump back in and you’ll be SO glad you did. Once you start seeing results, sometimes that’s all the motivator you’ll need.

So next time you’re just not feeling it, look at your “WHY”. Tell yourself even a quick 10 minute workout is better than none. Press play and you’ll be glad you did. Have you ever met someone who regretted getting a good workout in? Thanks to Chalene Johnson for reminding me of that. 🙂


~To your health~

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