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Tips to keep workouts on track (and keep you more motivated!)

I think I am asked at least once a day how I stay motivated. How I don’t get bored with my workouts. How I even know what I “should” be doing every day for my workout.

So, I thought I’d give you a couple of my tips here in case you were wondering about those things too. I hope it helps you!

First, I make a workout schedule using a blank calendar every month. Yes, a month at a time! I find this extremely motivating and obviously it helps me keep on track and never wonder what I should do. By having it laid out there, there’s no wondering, and wondering leads to NOT doing, in my experience. After each workout I complete I put a check mark on that day. That’s the motivational part for me. If I miss a workout, that day gets a big, fat X. I don’t like seeing those, so I’m very likely to just do my workout even if I’m feeling a little lazy that day.

(By the way, my deal with myself if I don’t ‘feel’ like working out is that I’ll just DO it for 5 minutes. If I still want to quit, I will. But that never happens once the blood gets flowing…because then I’m pumped and feeling good, so I finish it)

Here’s a pic of my actual schedule for this month just so you can get an idea. 🙂

I print out a blank template from a site like and then fill in the days according.

For my current schedule, it’s a hybrid of Chalean Extreme and Brazil Butt Lift. I used the two pre-made schedules with those programs and blended them to work for me.

Another thing that keeps me motivated is, frankly, the fact that it’s a habit now. The feeling I get when I workout (that endorphin kick!) And of course the results I’ve seen are extremely motivating, it makes me want to keep going. So. If you’re brand new to a workout…my advice is to make a schedule, use check marks, stars, x marks, etc to visually reward yourself. Keep a picture that motivates you nearby (maybe on your bathroom mirror?). This could be an old picture of you looking great, maybe a picture of an outfit you want to fit into. Or maybe a picture of the beach you’re going to this summer. Maybe it’s a picture of your kids. Whatever it is, make it something that reminds you of WHY you want to be fit and healthy. Once you get into the habit and start feeling and looking better, I suspect your motivation will come from that.

I hope these ideas help or at least help you think of something else that may work for you. I’d love to know, what do YOU do that keeps you on track and motivated?

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