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Day 60 of Chalean Extreme

Alright, so yesterday was day 60 of my adventure with Chalean Extreme….so of course I took some progress photos. There’s one more month of the program left and based on the results so far, I’d say I will be PRETTY dang excited to see what day 90 will look like.

I’ve really enjoyed this program. I always feel like I’m working hard, and the videos aren’t too long, so that’s a big plus for me. And of course Chalene is always inspiring and makes the time fly! I wasn’t too sure about the program, I had it sitting around for months before I cracked it open. I just wasn’t sure I “only wanted to lift weights”. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised in finding that it’s not really like that. There’s a few days a week of weights, but it’s more creative than the old school weight lifting. And then the other days you’re doing cardio intervals which makes ya SWEAT & as always, even the cardio workouts are fun and interesting. And, well, I’m very happy with the changes I’m seeing in my body.

So without further ado, here’s some before and afters for you. I’ll be sure to update with the ‘final’ after photo next month! 🙂 (Sorry I don’t have a picture of my ‘before’ in the exact same pose/clothes, but you can totally get the idea from this before photo)

Before (5’7″, 142lbs, no muscle)

30 days in – 130lbs, a little muscle!

60 day progress – 130lbs including more muscle

So what do you think? Even though it’s only really about 10 pounds lost, the difference is noticeable because of the body fat change. Cool, huh?

Don’t forget, you can always try beachbody workouts risk-free, they have a money back guarantee. If you want to give Chalean Extreme a try, I’ll be your personal coach – to help you with the workouts, questions, even nutrition & motivation. You can order right through my webstore & you’ll get some bonuses that way too 🙂 You can read more about the individual workouts or order right here: & I’m always available if you have questions or want to chat, email me!

Would love to know your success story, post it below!

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Weekly Challenge #3

Do you have goals?

Well how do you keep them in mind? Do you plan tasks that will help you accomplish those goals or are they sort of just arbitrarily hanging out there?
Your challenge this week is to really LIST and organize your goals.
So take 10 minutes. Really sit and think about, say your top 10 goals. Make them wild and crazy. You don’t have to show them to anyone…just really be creative and think “What would be the most AMAZING things I’d like to achieve?”
Write them all down, and then on a separate sheet of paper, start brainstorming how they are connected. So maybe one of your goals was to quit work. And another goal was to start your own business. And another was to take more vacations. Take those and order them in the way in which they would need to occur. So if one would lead to another, for instance. So maybe you have to start your own business before you could quit work. Then your business would have to succeed for you to take more vacations, right?
Now decide which one is the one that LEADS to all the rest. Chalene Johnson calls this your “Push” goal. In the example above, the push goal would probably be to start your own business. Because it makes the rest happen. Highlight that one. Put stars around it. Circle it. That’s the one that is the KEY for the rest to happen. Now write that one everyone. Save it in your phone. Make it your screensaver.
And start ACTING toward it TODAY. Tiny, baby steps each day. Do something every day that will help you reach that goal eventually. Even if it’s just that you’ll research one element of something that you’ll need to know. Or perhaps it’s one little phone call that you’ll need to get the ball rolling. Just do something to move you toward your goal.
I’d definitely recommend you pick up Chalene Johnson’s book, “Push: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life you Deserve!” She has a very specific, fabulous system to really dive into this and get your life organized and working toward your goals. Why wait, right?
Now, you don’t HAVE to share your push goal with anyone. But I think you SHOULD. People can help you. And when you say it out loud, you are much more willing to work toward it. Sooooo, don’t be shy, tell us what your BIG GOAL is, below!!

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