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I’m back! (and a secret – getting your frustrations out…)

I’m baaaack!

I hope you’re excited. Because I am. I took an unplanned hiatus. I’m not sure why. Does it matter why? Well, suffice it to say, I’m sorry I left you!

Okay, now, I have a secret to share.

Here’s the thing. I’ve found myself under a lot of stress lately (maybe that’s subconsciously why I’ve been absent?) You all know the drill. Work stress, family stress, task stress, errand stress, good stress, bad stress, friend stress. (New Dr. Seuss?) Usually it doesn’t bother me too bad, but it’s been piling on me lately. I think the turning point was when I discovered my cholesterol was scary bad. Bad like, doctor says, yes, start an aspirin regimen bad. I got scared, I mean, I thought I was pretty healthy. What gives?

Turns out, long story short – even though I didn’t eat like crap, there was room for improvement. More veggies, more fruit, more beans, more oats, etc. I have some pretty scary genetics in this area, so I’m HOPING that these dietary changes will help.

Got sidetracked. Anyhow, my secret. I’ve found a lovely way to relieve tension and get those frustrations out. It’s no secret that working out helps to reduce stress. But, there’s one particular workout that seems to help more than others. (yoga is one, but in a different way) Well, I re-discovered kickboxing. Oh YES. Turbo Jam was my first fitness love back in the day. So I pulled that sucker out and have been feeling AMAZING ever since. I’d forgotten how much fun it was and how awesome I feel after those workouts. The time FLIES by! So I also tried my hand (fist) at some Les Mills Combat too. Those stressors are still around…but after a good, long, crazy session of hooks, jabs, and uppercuts (and serious kicks)…I feel SO much better. Oh. And bytheway…it’s not just mental therapy.  It also happens to be a kick-a$$ workout.

So that’s my secret for you today….

Tell me how YOU relieve tension and get your frustrations out!

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