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My legs were shakin! (A trip to Physique 57 – a humbling experience)

A couple of years ago I heard about Physique 57. I don’t now recall how I heard about it. But I quickly learned that several celebrities swore by it. Kelly Ripa was one. And I know she’s tiny, but she’s also STRONG and that piqued my interest. I had no interest in being ‘skinnyfat’ as it were. But I needed/wanted to lose some FAT & wanted to be strong and healthy. So began my at-home workouts. I bought the Physique 57 DVDs and it was deliciously difficult. Very quickly I saw changes. And it was actually fun. It’s a barre based workout, so it felt graceful while I was sweating and shaking. I did that workout for a long time. And eventually got a little burned out of seeing the same thing every day, hearing the same cues, doing the same moves, you know. So as many of you know, I started delving into some Beachbody workouts. Most recently I’ve been doing Insanity and feeling like a beast, for real. I’ve always continued with Physique 57 some though, never wanted to drop it altogether. Well, when it became apparent that my hubby, me, and some great friends were going to NYC to watch a soccer game, I knew I HAD to get to the Physique 57 studio for a live class.

It was a little scary, I had to go by myself, but luckily I had the address of the studio memorized and the cab driver got me there in one piece. (surprisingly)

I had a reserved spot in class, so I just got there early and enjoyed the waiting area. They had fresh green apples set out for clients, and even some lululemon workout gear to browse. ย And of course the whole studio is super sleek and modern and beautiful. So I just perused and thought about how cool I would be in the class….since I’d been doing the workout on and off for a couple of years, I just knew I’d KILL it!

Well. No, I didn’t kill it. Nora (the super nice, energetic and graceful instructor) tried to kill me. First of all, some moves were the same from the DVD, but most were not. Since the studio has a barre attached to the wall, you can really lean back, pull, use your entire bodyweight. Where at home, you just use a sofa or chair for balance like a barre. So. Needless to say, within about 10 seconds of leg work, my quads were on FIYA!!!!!!! Shaking. Fire. Burning. Ow! But it was oh-so-good. I just took a few 1 second breaks to shake out the fire here and there and kept on going. Happy to report, that I was one of the only girls who could do real pushups though, so that made me feel a little better. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh. And oddly, time FLEW by. I couldn’t believe 57 minutes had passed when it was over. That’s always nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a shot I took of the room I was in, we’d just finished up. I was very happy they didn’t overbook the room, we weren’t stuffed in like sardines like I’ve experienced at some other classes.


While it was a humbling experience, and my quads were sore for 2 days, I really, REALLY wish I could go back. I can see that taking studio classes a few days a week would ensure HUGE changes in short order. So I’m officially jealous of those ladies in NYC who can go to the studio as they like. Maybe one day they will build studios in other cities….if so, and there’s on in Richmond, I’m THERE!

Having said all that, if you’ve ever considered a barre based workout, THIS is the one. Even if you aren’t in NYC or LA, definitely get the DVDs. It’s still a very wonderfully, difficult, fun, beautiful, effective workout! You can check them out here:

Have you ever done Physique 57 before? Or another barre workout?

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