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Plan of attack – Thin Mints, my nemesis.

I’ve said it before. I meant it. We all surely need to indulge in those things we absolutely love…once in a while.

But here I am. Looking at a bag of thin mints. This is my nemesis. These ARE the thing that I’m willing to indulge in.  I can say no to SO many things. My problem is that I love thin mints SO much that it’s hard to stick to that “indulge once in a while” part.


So for accountability’s sake, I’m saying it here. I have a plan of attack for this dark day…the day the thin mints arrived. I will be packaging them in the little snack sized ziplocks according to the serving size. The serving size is 4 cookies. And there is MORE than enough calories, fat & sugar in those 4 cookies, so I’ll stick with that. Anyhow, my plan of attack is date each baggie. 1 baggie every other day. This is a HUGE improvement of my normal plan. Which is to see how fast I can eat 4 boxes, apparently. I’ll indulge still, but I’m attempting to only make it every other day, and keeping it to the serving size.

By the way, I normally wouldn’t endorse your indulgences to be every other day. I’m just being real here. If I used to eat one whole SLEEVE per night, I figure I don’t have the willpower to only eat 4 cookies once a week. You think I’m being too easy on myself? Any votes for pushing myself a little further and dating these baggies ONE per week??

Did anyone else get girl scout cookies this year? Am I the only one hopelessly addicted?




Alas, I was unable to control my thin mint addiction. Seriously. I finished a box in 2 days. So. I did the only thing I could think to do…I gave the rest of the boxes away. If I don’t have them at all, then I can’t eat entire boxes in 2 days, now can I?

Sad I couldn’t control it, but glad I at least had the willpower to do something about it. Though it was slightly painful to give them away, I’m sure happier in the long run.

How’s everyone else faring with their girl scout cookie addictions?

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