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Tracie Long Figure 30 Hips Review and Giveaway – WINNER!

Attention~ The winner of this giveaway was Shannon H. She’s been contacted and verified. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned, I’ll be doing more reviews and giveaways in the near future!


Tracie Long has been around for a while now, she’s not new the fitness game. She knows how to help us get fit. She has been a part of the wildly popular “The Firm” series for a very long time and even manages a Firm studio of her own. You can learn more and connect with Tracie on her website:

I recently tested out one of her latest DVDs, Figure 30 hips. Ladies, I know many of us feel like our hips are a problem area. I like to find workouts to build a little muscle in that area so there’s less to worry about. So I was very excited to try out this workout specifically for the hips.

Figure 30 Hips

So, my review of Tracie Long’s Figure 30 Hips. First, Tracie’s accent is cute. She’s from South Carolina, and she doesn’t try to hide it. It was actually kind of nice to hear  a southern accent on a workout video, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that before on DVDs like this. The set was simple and not distracting. She’s the lone person on the video, no additional people doing the workout with her. One thing I didn’t really realize was that I was going to need some “stuff” for the workout. You need a bar of some type. I used a dust mop handle (unscrewed from the dust mop!). And you  need something to help your feet slide around on the floor. I have hardwood floors, so a rag worked fine for me. My only real hangup, I was supposed to have ankle weights. I don’t own any!

Some pros: First, I did feel my hips working from very early on in the workout. I’m POSITIVE I would have felt an even greater burn if I’d had ankle weights! Second, I’m glad that the moves were not the usual type of hip moves. I was slightly worried we’d be doing 100 side leg lifts or something. But happily, much work was done standing and only a little on the ground. The workout was never boring and I’d do it again.

The only con I have is this: There wasn’t enough cueing for me. I do like to have a little more heads up on what to do and when. I found myself missing a few moves here and there because of it. However, of course, once you do the workout a few times, I’m sure you’d know what was coming and not need the cueing anymore because you’d learned it.

Overall, I did enjoy the workout. I think it’d be great for folks to add into another routine to strengthen the hips and also improve joint mobility.

Okay, onto the fun stuff – the giveaway…!


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Good luck everyone! Now, ready, set, GO! :)
 I received one copy of this DVD in return for posting my review. I was under no obligation to review favorably and received no other compensation. The value of the DVD was $15. One copy of this DVD will be sent to the winner directly by Collage Video – a value of $15

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